The Coffees

High Quality Brazilian Estate Coffee

  1. The term “Estate Coffee” is used to coffee that is produced on a single farm.
  2. Origem Brazil Coffee Group members process natural and pulped natural coffee.
  3. Traceability is ensured by the fact that the coffee is processed on the farms.
  4. Members are commited to sustainable coffee production with UTZ and Rain Forest certifications.
  5. We deal with fine cup coffees screens 17/18,MTGB,peaberries and grinders.

Specialty Coffees:

TOB Quality
Top Origem Brazil Quality

  1. Description: natural
  2. Cup quality: balanced body, good acidity, sweetness
  3. Cerrado or Mogiana Region
  4. Screen: NY 2/3 17/18 ,greenwish,Estate Coffee

OBB Quality
Origem Brazil Yellow/Red Bourbon quality

  1. Description: natural or pulped natural
  2. Cup quality: Good acidity,strong body, sweetness, chocolate flavor and distinct aftertaste
  3. Cerrado or Mogiana region
  4. Screen: 16/17/18 and, Estate Coffee

Pulped Natural OB
Origem Brazil pulped natural quality

  1. Cup quality: balanced body, neutral acidity, mild coffee
  2. Cerrado or Mogiana region
  3. Screen: 14/16 or 17/18 Estate Coffee