Technical data:

Cerrado - MG
Total area:
310 ha
Coffee planted area:
200 ha
Anual average production:
12,000 bags
Arabica Varieties:
Catuaí, Mundo Novo
1,050 m

Doristo Ayusso Estate Coffee

Agropecuária Doristo Ayusso is synonymous with tradition, with one-hundred-year history of dedication to coffee culture. It is a tradition that has existed for more than three generations, starting in 1918. The Ayussos were pioneers in coffee cultivation in the Sâo Paulo and Parana regions.

They started cultivation in the Cerrado Mineiro area in the 1980’s. This region is known for the excellence of its fertile soil and mild climate conditions, which work together to produce a singular and quality product. Respect for the environment and the human being are the principles of our Company.

Our employees are able to perform their functions to the full through constant participation in courses for professional improvement. A programme of sustainable production processes guarantees the correct utilization of natural resources, thereby avoiding environmental damage.

With the aim of meeting the most demanding standards of quality and producing the most refined flavours, Agropecuária Doristo Ayusso specializes in the production of two standards: pulped natural and natural, with pleasing ppearance, aroma and flavour.