Technical data:

Alta Mogiana - SP
Total area:
2.120 ha
Coffee planted area:
650 ha
Anual average production:
28,000 bags
Arabica Varieties:
Catuaí, Mundo Novo, Bourbon,  Catucaí, Obatan, Acaiá

Labareda Estate Coffee

Labareda Estate Coffee, in its third generation, inherited the passion for the coffee culture, over 100 years of dedication. 

 Such tradition makes Labareda Estate Coffee a strong company with a great vision of the future. Nowadays, it acts in the agribusiness area producing coffee and sugar-cane and raising cattle.

It is established at Alta Mogiana, a productive area that distinguishes itself through the ability to group the best qualities of a natural and pulped natural coffee.

Concerned in the human-being valorization, looks for the social sustainable and personal development, providing its collaborators and their families with benefits such as: houses with a proper infrastructure, classes and training for the professional and personal improvement.

Labareda follows its success way, getting together high technology and respect for their clients, suppliers and the environment, contributing for the development of the agribusiness sector.