Technical data:

Cerrado - MG
Total area:
153 ha
Coffee planted area:
60 ha
Anual average production:
2,000 bags
Arabica Varieties:
CatuaĆ­, Icatu
1,070 m

Porto Estate Coffee

Recanto da Mata Farm is situated in a privileged region where the land is fertile and the climate is favourable; perfect for speciality coffee cultivation. The seasons are well defined, resulting in a product with an excellent appearance, aroma and flavour.

Conscious of its social responsibility and the importance of the environment, Recando da Mata Farm operates a sustainable handling program, which allows perfect integration between production, technology and environmental conservation. In accordance with labour laws, the farm promotes training and gives socio-economic support to its employees, contributing to an improvement in their standard of living, thereby obtaining a result of integration and dedication.

The farm follows the evolution of the productive process. Investments have been made in the modernization of their equipment for cultivation and automatic irrigation, with full control before and after harvest in order to obtain high productivity and superior quality. Aware of the development of internal and external markets, the farm specializes in pulped natural and natural processes, consolidating the Porto Estate Coffee trademark.