Technical data:

Cerrado - MG
Total area:
841 ha
Coffee planted area:
445 ha
Anual average production:
22,000 bags
Arabica Varieties:
AcaiĆ”, CatuaĆ­
950 m

Fazenda Sacramento Estate Coffee

The Sacramento Plantation is a company with a tradition in coffee culture. Quality coffee is its trademark.

Technology, respect for the environment and social welfare always go hand in hand. The irrigation system works through both a central pivot and drip system, which supplies well-balanced nutrition to the coffee trees, thereby increasing their productivity. Furthermore, the water springs are conserved through the economical use of water. Care for the environment is a constant factor. The plantation has an area of 400 acres of environmental reserves protecting its water sources. These reserves are much larger than is required by Brazilian environmental law.

The exceptional work and dedication of the young team of this plantation makes a difference in the final product. The Sacramento Plantation produces two standards: natural and pulped natural.